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Beyond Data

For the past decade Beyond Data Podcast host Ret Talbot has been a freelance journalist and science writer reporting on fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. He frequently uses the hashtag #datamatter because, well, they do. But what happens when the data simply don’t exist, are insufficient or unavailable? What happens when so-called alternative facts are considered just facts and people operate under the impression that the plural of anecdote is indeed data? How do we reach consensus when everyone espouses his or her own data—his or her own facts? In the Beyond Data Podcast, Talbot and his guests go where he's often been unwilling to go in his reporting--beyond data.

Oct 28, 2017

Follow-Up Friday for Episode 1 - Toadfish

Follow-Up Friday episodes follow the monthly deep dive episodes by about 10 days and provide an opportunity to address listener comments and questions. This week I'm joined by scientific illustrator Karen Talbot, as we discuss your comments and questions about the oyster toadfish. Comments and questions can be emailed to, tweeted to @RetTalbot, posted on the Beyond Data Podcast Facebook page, or left as a voicemail at 207-370-1575. Below are some links and content mentioned in the 27 October episode of Follow-Up Friday.

Sorry about the quality of the audio this week - new microphones and tough setting. I'll do better!


Karen Talbot Art

Angler's Pint

The Memory of Fish Film 

Chef's Collaborative   

Farnsworth Art Museum

Maine Bumble Bee Atlas

Banggai Cardinalfish Book by Ret

David Kimbro at Northeastern 

Another Oyster Toadfish Recording

Outer Banks Sentinel Article on O'Neals Sea Harvest 

More Information on the Swipe Card from Maine DNR 

Ret's Fish Site Article on Abundant, Underutilized and (often) Data Deficient Fisheries


Karen Talbot, Scientific Illustrator


 Bluefin Tuna Angler's Pint

Chinook Salmon Angler's Pint

The Beyond Data Podcast is brought to you by the Angler's Pint with these two new designs released in September!

Trash Fish Art Installation at Farnsworth Art Museum

Trash Fish Art Installation at the Farnsworth Art Museum

Peconic Bay Long Island Trawl Survey Sites

Peconic Bay Long Island Trawl Survey Sites  

NMFS Oyster Toadfish Commercial Landings by Pounds, Year and State

NMFS Oyster Toadfish Commercial Landings Data by Pounds, Year and State

NMFS Oyster Toadfish Commercial Landings Data by Pounds, Year and State - The two graphs are the same data, but the broken lines in the second graph indicate years with no data/confidential data.


Karen Talbot


Maine Beer Company

Oscar Blues Brewery

The Angler's Pint

Music by Andy G. Cohen

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